Things that make cars a bit more special

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Guess what’s that? Dodge has them on Super Bees and on most vintage Chargers and Daytonas, Plymouth has them on Road Runners and Dusters, Ford has them on Shelbys and Bosses. Well, actually, most of all ordinary and muscle cars have them. Badges, decals and stripes – those car signs give that lil’ special feeling and character for the car.

Viper would be naked without stripes, Daytona would be just an other Charger without decals, and Hemi would probably loose its sound without that legendary “Hemi” sticker at the rear quarter while Corvette has evolutionized together with its badge. Recently unveiled 2014 Corvette Stingray brought the 7th generation of itself and the 7th Corvette badge.
Signs on your muscle car does not make it faster or better, but they make it THAT car.