Get your Mopar ready to rumble

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Ok, guys. What is it like to be a real Mopar enthusiast? As they say: “Mopar or no car,” right? Imagine that you’ve just got yourself a brand new 2014 Charger – the wet dreams HEMI.

Cool car with a roaring V8 and too many doors (yeap, Dodge, many of us are still hard on you for this). Are you happy? Probably. Until you realize you’ve just got yourself a stock American muscle car which is not a mighty Hellcat. This is ‘Murica! You need your shopping cart full of performance parts. These upgrades will translate fuel economy as “gallons per mile”. Yeah!

So, the next thing after you refuel your first tank is making your performance parts mod-list. Search all over the internet for perfect place and you will finally reach – they’ll meet your needs.