‘Mustang Madness’ Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Ford Pony Class Archetype

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As May 3rd rapidly approaches, preparations are being kicked up a gear for the 50th anniversary for the Ford Mustang. The biggest blow out party, ‘Mustang Madness’, is planned to be held in Los Angeles.
The Petersen Automotive Museum has teamed up with a local Ford dealer to prepare for the big date, not to mention the unveiling of the new 2015 model Ford Mustang prior to its official release. Mustang Madness will comprise of a whole weekend of events, interviews and entertainment that will celebrate all the things which make the Mustang so memorable and beloved across the world.
For starters, attendants will be given guided tours of the facility in order to show them how the Mustang has evolved over the course of its 50-year-long lifespan. The museum’s expert curators will bring the Pony class archetype’s storied history to life so fans can see how it has gone from strength to strength; culminating with the latest model that should provide insight into what Ford has planned for the Mustang’s future.
Along with each iteration of the Mustang, the lucky attendants will also get to see a number of unique custom models on display too. From the T-5R Mustang project complete with its Martini colours and iconography to the golden beauty ‘Eleanor’ that Nicholas Cage coveted in the car heist movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, it will be a veritable feast for the eyes of Mustang lovers drawn to LA.
Not only will there be a bevy of iconic Mustangs on display, there’s also a number of ‘Mustang Heroes’ to look forward to meeting. Through a series of interviews and panel discussions, attendants can get to know some of the personalities that shaped the course of Mustang’s history. Champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr is one of many such colourful celebrities who will be present and will no doubt be inundated with autographs for signing.
According to Carsales there will also be an open attendance rally drive that anyone with a Mustang is welcome to join. With a variety of cash prizes for worthy entries, this should have Mustang owners flocking to the event, making it an even more memorable occasion for fans and onlookers.
Along with live music, family-friendly entertainments, special exhibits and much more, the Mustang Madness weekend event promises to give the Ford Mustang the 50th anniversary celebration that it so richly deserves. Book ahead through the Petersen Automotive Museum website (link listed above) to avoid disappointment and see how Ford plans to craft yet another 50 years of colourful Mustang history.

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