Steve Saleen reacquired the Saleen brand

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Steve Saleen, the famous ex-racer and founder of the respectable brand “Saleen Inc.” started his company back in 1983 and has grown it from Mustang tuner to Saleen S7 Supercar maker. But Steve resigned from the company in 2007 and founded new “SMS Supercars” in 2008.

Meanwhile, Saleen Inc got worse and was sold in 2009. Steve took the new owner to the court alleging the right to his name. By the 2011 Saleen Inc ended the vehicle production and built their parts only.

Finally, Steve won the court and got his name back. So, from now on both Saleen and SMS Supercars will go under the same name – Saleen. Steve will also open up the Saleen registry for both brands. The SMS branded car owners got an option to rebagde their cars with Saleen name and its stylized “S” logo. Saleen will keep on building cars and parts again. Hurray, Steve!

Photos: Saleen, watermarked, unknown