S550 is 2015 Mustang’s new platform

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Acording to one anonymous source, the next generation 2015 Mustang will be called the S550. The upcoming updates are too significant for the present S197 platform, so this one is gonna be new – the 5th one.
2015 Mustang will finally be brought worldwide. America’s favourite pony car will officially be sold in European market which means it is gonna get lighter an smaller than current generation. J.Mays, Ford’s Chief Creatie Officer, said that next Mustang will be less retro and will bring the brand forward. People expect the next car to be very familiar to 2011 Ford Evos Concept.
The most likely feature for the 2015 Mustang is its independent suspension. Prototypes have already been spotted riding this setup. EcoBoost engne is to join the Mustang lineup. Turbocharged 4-cyl engine is actually confirmed to be offered for 2015 models, Shelby GT500 willprobably survive while 5.0 liter V8 option will probably not be ofered in Europe.

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