Mustang EcoBoost Great Despite Traditionalist Views

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As most readers will be aware, there is a new Mustang on the horizon. The all American pony car has caused immense mouth-watering across the globe, thanks to Hollywood wetting their appetites. Blockbusters such as Bullet and Gone in 60 Seconds have created an idol in the trusty Mustang. Now however, the rest of the world may experience the thrill which Americans have adopted for 50 years.

Europe in particular has never officially received any generation of Mustang during the entirety of production, besides unofficial grey imports. Europeans hate to admit it, but they love American products. Chryslers and Dodges are sold branded as Lancias and Fiats in some markets, the itch for snacks is now scratched by Oreos and washed down by Coca-Cola, and now the Mustang will be one of the next high-performance cars on offer. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Autoscout24 found the Mustang to be Europe’s most sought after classic car, beating the BMW M1 and Volkswagen Beetle.

Traditionalists are crawling out of the woodwork though to scrutinize one certain aspect about the upcoming model. Obviously the muscular, yet sleek, good-looks are of little worry to petrol-heads. Improved handling to suit twisty B-Roads offends no one either, especially as it can now compete with the most refined of European sports cars. Neither is it the right-hand drive tooling for the British and Irish market, which has instead attracted much relief amongst their native muscle car enthusiast population.

The problem therein lies with the engine range on offer. Muscle car enthusiasts experience indescribable thrills from the roar of a ferocious V8, howling like a hungry lion on the prowl. Never mind fuel economy, those purchasing V8’s in Europe tend to own shares in Texan oil giants anyway. This is a lust for pure auto-pornographic power. The EcoBoost engine on offer however is hardly pornographic in the slightest, more akin to light affection.

Contrary to traditionalist rhetoric, this actually spells great news for Europeans, for the following reasons;

1 – Replacing the V6?

Mustang lovers will already be aware of the smaller V6 engines available throughout previous generations prior to the next model. Of course, for they often tended to mock them for being far inferior to the V8 monsters for which Mustangs became synonymous with. V6 units in the fifth generation Mustang produced a modest 305hp, with previous versions producing a significant amount less. By comparison, the upcoming 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine actually produces identical amounts of horse power, hence proving it to be no slower than the outgoing model.

2 – EcoBoost credentials?

Ford’s latest range of EcoBoost engines are quite frankly amazing feats of engineering. Somehow, British engineers have created a power unit which not only provides great fuel economy but surprising amounts of acceleration. For instance, a current Ford Focus owner can now lift the bonnet and be shocked to find a unit smaller than the poverty spec generators common in archaic Fiestas – with infinitely superior acceleration and refinement of course. Move across to the Mustang and the beating heart on offer is not exactly the same 1.0-liter unit common in new Fiestas and Focuses. Although smaller than the outgoing V6, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost unit still provides 304hp with 407Nm of Torque thanks to its turbocharged direct injected layout.

3 – Economy and Taxation Benefits?

There will certainly be lots of them. Countries like the United Kingdom tax vehicles manufactured since 2001 based on their CO2 emissions. Therefore imported V8 Mustangs, and V6’s equally, receive harsh fiscal treatment – in addition to high showroom taxes upon registration. German cities won’t tend to allow highly polluting vehicles into the centers for similar reasons, and fuel prices are quite frankly criminal. Improved fuel economy and lower taxation is immediately favorable to stone-age technology. To put it one way, the outgoing V6 is the automotive equivalent of man discovering fire, EcoBoost is sending a man to the Moon.

4 – V8 also available…

Should this article not convince you to change your mind, or fail to quench your thirst for speed, the option to specify the V8 may come as a relief. The 5.0-liter V8 produces 420hp and provides all of the hooning greatness expected from V8 muscle cars.

Basically, traditionalists can remain loyal to their V8 power plants, with little objection from the rest of us. Those in favor of a Mustang, but can’t justify the fuel and tax expenses, can opt for the EcoBoost with little regrets.