Shelby Cobra Pro Tourer

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Guys from found an amazing pro touring Shelby Cobra at forums. User named JRDean has built an amazing and truly one of the best pro touring Cobras. He claims he had once owned 427 Cobra replica and was really happy with it, but still brakes, handling and daily cruising were an option to improve, so in 2009 he got into this pro touring project and ended up really well.

The most interesting part of customization was the body, actually. Sounds kinda strange, right? What’s there to customize? But JRDean cut it into 4 pieces in order to widen and lengthen the car. The result was “better track behavior and more room in cockpit”. The custom box-frame chassis is a revised version of the JBL Cobra and was fabricated by Larry Goins. Larry also did the body works.

The engine choose is also a bit unusual. JRDean relied on 418SBF instead of commonly used BBf 427 or 5.0 liter one.  418SBF is mated to a Dart heads, Edelbrock Air Gap intake, Holley 750 double pumper carb and is shifted with a TKO 600 6-speed manual transmission. The car is fully custom, made from ground up. Great built, JRDean. Really, awesome Shelby Cobra Pro Tourer, right guys?

Images: JRDean [via]