Moonglow – 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air

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Here’s a story about Duane Steck’s Bel Air aka “Moongow”. The car was upgraded and customized 4 times and years later it took someone 12 years to restore it.

The 1st upgrade
Back in 1955 Mr Steck decided to customize his Bel Air Coupe. The job happened to be a huge makeover which took a year and left almost none of the original parts. Duane chopped it, changed its healights, doors and interior.

The 2nd upgrade
A year later he changed the body paint, added new radiator grille, lowered the bumper, added new exhaust system and slammed the car down to the ground.

The 3rd upgrade
Duane and his colleague Darol Jorgenson stripped the car to repaint it. Car’s engine bay got chrome, the body got new rear fenders and suspenssion upgrades.

The 4th upgrade
This time Duane was subtile: new rear bumper, new carb, Sharp collector and new dual exhaust system. All that was done back in 1959.

Nobody knows why, but Duane gave this car to his brother Steve who sold this amazing custom car to junk yard in 1962. Luckily, a watchful car enthusiast recognized Moonglow when he was looking for spare parts for his project in 2002. He paid a few pennies for this beauty and invested nearly $300.000 and 12 years to restore it. Wow.

Image credits: unknown