Custom 1967 Mustang by TCI Engineering and Magnaflow

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TCI Engineering and Magnaflow joined forces to build this extraordinary 1967 Mustang. It features TCI’s “smart” suspension system which monitors suspension live and lets the it adjust spring rates (no electronics involved, wow), completely custom Magnaflow exhaust system (obviously), Wilwood brakes, 18-inch Billet Specialties LeMans rims. 427 small block pumps 460 horses and teams with Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission.
“The engine, the suspension, and wheel and tire package are really balanced together, the car may not get the fastest pass down the back-stretch of the track, but it will get in and out of corners pretty quick,” said Magnaflow’s Senior Manager Rich Waitas to the stangtv.
Auto Meter gauges does the performance reporting, custom leather seats fits the driver comfortably. The cage does the security “thing”. All in all this car makes the driver really happy. Sick muscle car, perfect job, guys!

Photos: TCI [used with permission. Thanks, Ben!]