2011 Retro Mustang GT by John Heermann

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This is awesome what John Heermann does. He took 2011 Mustang GT and actually is still in conversion process to turn it into retro looking one. He started converting it even before he made the first payment. Doug Kielian, the metal-smith from Auto Kraft Body, guided John though the process.
The Retro Stang has some 1968-1969 Mustang sheet metal welded on the nose [lengthened by 14-inches], tail and rear quarter panels. The back glass was custom angled for more retro fastback look. The performance updates feature a set of Dynatech long-tube headers and X-Pipe, a JLT cold air-intake, APR carbon fiber engine cover and a SCT tune.
The Retro Stang is not yet finished, but Heermann  is getting it ready for the 2011 SEMA show. Thumbs up, John!

Photos: topspeed.com, streetlegaltv.com