2008 Hemi Cuda concept

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We found quite a cool 2008 Hemi Cuda Concept which was done back in 2005 by nateLFO [sadly, we don’t know the real designer’s name]. Since the new SRT Baracuda is on its way, this may actually be a back to the future design attempt.
nateLFo says, the aim was to  design a modern-day Hemi Cuda with hints to its original features like segmented grille, black tail light section and rear wing, the twin shaker ram air hood scoop but no retro in mind. Very interesting part in this render is Chrysler’s logo, ’cause “even though Plymouth made the Barracuda in the 60’s/70’s, unfortunately they don’t exist anymore, so it would have to be a Chrysler product”. That was close, nateLFO!

Images: nateLFO [via smcars.net]