1991 Chrysler 300 Concept

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Chrysler’s 300 name plate represents luxury and power for decades. But, God, they have failed with the 1991 300 Concept. Thankfully, they did not get it into production – it would probably had led Chrysler to bankruptcy.

It looks like they divided Viper in 4 pieces and put 1990 Impala’s and “something else” among those pieces to get that ugly body.  The wheelbase seems to be taken from school bus.

At least the engine was right. They used 450 horse powered 8 liter V10 engine from Viper, which was under development at that time. For the first time ever, the 19-inch wheels in front and 20s at the back were used on their 1991 300 Concept.

The Eclipse’ish dashboard with that many buttons and gadgets would confuse James Bond himself. Chrysler, don’t you ever do this again, please. We like 300 name plate.

Images: Chrysler