Car delivery back in a day

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Car manufacturers deliver their cars in a few ways these days. And it actually haven’t changed that much since the seventies. GM used railways too, but.. they used their railway wagons a bit differently. Instead of fitting 18 cars in it, they managed to fit 30 vehicles there. Wow! Well, basically they transported their cars… vertically. You gotta see the photos to believe. A pic is worth a thousand words here. The wagon got higher, so the train had to travel specific rail roads only where were no low bridges. GM also tested their wagons in rough conditions to get the maximum result. Some say, as a result of vertival transportation engineers were forced to build better cars in order to transport them this way – no leakages were allowed so, naturally, car systems went better. All in all, vertical transportation didn’t approve – it was too expensive.

Cadillac used similar wagons for transportation, but this time vehiles were transported in standard way – horizontally.