Stings like a bee – the 2013 Dodge Charger

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The 2013 Dodge Charger Super Bee is pure muscle – make no mistake. This is physically a large and imposing vehicle, with the power to match, which probably explains why it’s proving so popular with law enforcement departments across the country.

Based on the 2011 edition, the Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee boasts a 470hp V8 engine that easily gets you from 0-60 in four seconds without breaking sweat and will have you covering ¼ of a mile in a mere 12.
As mentioned, this is a big car and feels like it owns the road to the point where it almost seems too big, particularly when parking. However, the size suits this car and means you can always try to sell the idea of it as a good old family car with plenty of room for the kids in the back – or criminals, if you’re the local police department.
Design wise, it’s the black front honeycomb grille that catches the eye, with its unmistakable Super Bee badge – it almost makes this car look angry. The 20-inch alloys with painted pockets complete the look. Inside, the unique cloth seats with yellow and silver detailing look great while the leather steering wheel with paddle shifters screams, “I’m fast, drive me!”
In terms of technology, there’s a touch screen that can display engine performance and G-force alongside more mundane maintenance reminders. Full UConnect technology allows voice activation and hands-free calls, meanwhile the six-speaker audio system packs a 276-watt punch.

The Super Bee is part 1970s throwback, part next-generation muscle car. Ultimately, it’s a powerful car with the looks and performance to match.

Photos: Drew Phillips