HPE700 Supercharged: 717 HP 2015 Mustang by Hennessey

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Competition is a great thing. Dodge unveiled their factory made 707HP Hellcat option for Charger and Challenger, Chevy has a 650HP Corvette Z06 and Ford… 450… Well, Hennessey steped in and delivered 717 HP Mustang – the “HPE700 Supercharged”. Eat this!

Roots-style supercharger system boosts 0.5 bar and delivers that horsepower amount @6600 rpm. 632 TQ @4400 rpm. 0-60 in 3.6 seconds; 1/4 mile – 11.2 seconds @131 mph (210 kmh).

The price tag start at $59500 including the V8 Mustang GT. That is about $30K extra for the Hennessey performance upgrades.