Cuda is to change Challenger

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Rumors: Dodge is going to shut down Challenger and bring back the Alfa Romeo-based Cuda. It is quite easy to believe those are trustworthy rumors, ’cause back in 2010 it was announced that Dodge officially  trademarked the Cuda name.

Now shares rumors that Chrysler’s chief designer, Ralph Gilles, is working on a new-age Barracuda which will, sadly, replace the Challenger. Chrysler and Fiat are said to be jointly developing a new RWD platform that’s smaller than the current Charger/300’s.

Gilles’ Cuda will probably provide a lot of new styling cues, that will avoid the retro look.

Enthusiasts are furious with the iconic Challenger’s nameplate kill, while the new Cuda is very much awaited, but… more in a retro suit. Some enthusiasts even threaten Chrysler not to expect high sales with the new Cuda if it wouldn’t mirror 1970-1971 styling which actually was the most iconic look for the Barracuda.

While Mustang and Camaro are preparing major updates for the 2015, Gilles’ aim to avoid retro seems to be logical. also guesses, that Cuda will go under the SRT brand, just like the new Viper. Accordingly to one of the fans, using great names such as Viper and Cuda, looks more like marketing strategy to “pump up” the not so unique and even not purely american products [we agree].

Update:’s source says, the new supercharged  6.2 liter Hemi is on its way along with 540 horses. And 2015 SRT Cuda will probably be the first from SRT family to acomodate this engine. Stay tuned.