Chief Engineer gives hints about 2015 Camaro

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According to Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer of Chevrolet, the 6th generation 2015 Camaro is not going under major design changes, ’cause they do not want to mess with their instant luck among muscle car enthusiasts and give out the position to Mustang which is loosing to Camaro in sales for the last 2 years. Those changes are going to be more of an evolution, not revolution. “We always have to stay fresh and ahead ” he says, “we do not want to lose the fact that we have nearly 40 percent of the market.”
The biggest issues are weight and CAFE [corporate average fuel economy] fuel economy regulations. As a result, everything is under considerations right now: displacement, number of cylinders, V6 and even 4-cyl engines are rumored to get turbocharged in order to fit regulations.

Picture: 2011 Synergy Series Camaro by Chevrolet