2016 Mustang Le Mans 50th Anniversary Edition

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The all-new and global S550 Mustang with an IRS and even 4 cyl option was unveiled back in in December 2013 and soon started sales as 2015 model. Saleen, Roush, Shelby GT350 and even race-ready GT350R are available now too. Boss is still rumored but not yet confirmed and this, well, this one is a special edition – the 2016 Mustang Le Mans 50th Anniversary Edition. This 50th Anniversary edition will also be offered for Focus ST, Fiesta ST
It is limited to symbolic 50 units run. This special edition basically is special only for its exterior features: the livery (Shadow Black Mica with gray Le Mans stripes to honor Ford’s GT40 win in 1966 with Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon behind the wheel) and 50th Anniversary badges. Performance-wise it is good old standard Coyote V8 (435HP, 400TQ). The price is $53K (about $5K over the base GT).