2014 TDF Mustang by Holman & Moody

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Holman & Moody were the first ones that helped Mustangs to compete on track. They had served up Alan Mann Racing engines before Carroll Shelby have even thought of pony cars.

Back in 1964 Holman & Moody took 4 specially prepared Mustangs to Tour de France Automobile and brought the victory home. 2014 TDF Mustang is actually the way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of that victory. It is dressed up in the same way as in 1964 – Alan Mann Racing gold and red combination. Even the technical modifications are actually very close to what had been done to the 1964 race cars.

The power for this 2014 TDF Mustang comes from Ford Racing 5.0 liter V8 engine. The upgrades also include SVT struts and shocks, HMPerformance adjustable sway bars, lowering springs and oil cooler, Ford Racing x-pipe and mufflers. The one-off 19-inch wheels fulfill the looks.

These are the project highlights by Holman & Moody themselves: “The R&D is in what matters, the handling. This vehicle has real NASCAR winston cup adjustable splined sway bars front and rear [the first ever for a car available from any dealer]. It has absolutely unparalleled handling. These are based on the original designs from the Holman & Moody race cars. The goal was a clean, clutter free tribute car, that had similar modifications to the original race car. No un-needed tacked on scoops, spoilers, fins etc.  This car is all about road manners and track prowess.”

Only 500 2014 TDFs are ever gonna be built so start emptying your pockets, Gentlemen.

Images: Holman & Moody [used with permission; special thanks to Bob D.]