2013 Charger Daytona

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Remember the ugly monster-winged Daytona from 1969? Well, it is a beautiful treasure now and very much appreciated among muscle car enthusiasts and collectors. So as 1970 Plymouth Superbird.

The good thing is that now Dodge unveils their latest 2013 Charger Daytona package which is instantly beautiful. Instead of enormous rear wing current Daytona got a smaller one, black stripes, vinyl roof, 20-inch aluminum wheels, Daytona graphics on the rear quarter and one of the body color schemes: Daytona Blue, Bright White, Billet Silver or Pitch Black.

A few interior decorations make Daytona better so as a few technical upgrades – sports-tuned steering and suspension and… no engine updates. This means, you’ll still have the same 5.7 Hemi and 370 horses. And that’s disappointing.

 Images: Dodge