Project build: 1969 Chevy Chevelle Stock Car

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Doug Scott had a dream to own a stock Chevelle after he saw a few ones at Mosport Speedway races back in the days when he was just a child.
This build is actually his second attempt, ’cause his first 1969 Chevelle got totalled in slippery road.

In 2008 Scott found 1999 Hutch Pagan Monte Carlo ARCA thats chassis worked fine for his project. He stripped Chevelle’s body and put it onto Monte Carlo’s chassis. Suspension works include NASCAR Penske 7300 shocks, Wilwood GT6000 brakes on the front and Superlites on the rear. The ride is equipped with 27x10x15 Hoosier slick tires.

Doug’s idea for the engine is 434 cubic inch 830 CFM “NASCAR” carb equipped monster that’ll develop about 700 HP. T-10 is chosen for transmission. 3.5 inch dual exhaust will do the job too.

Great progress, great build. Good luck, Doug!

 Photos: Doug Scott