Phase III GT Corvette by Baldwin-Motion Performance

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Are you confussed? Good. This custom 1969 C3 Corvette is here to blow your mind. This crazy mash-up styling kinda tricks you to think you look at the Datsun Fair Lady Z or Opel GT from the front view, while the rear end screams Pontiac due to its Firebird-like tail lights.

The custom work was done by the Baldwin-Motion Performance that actually gace a money-back guarantee if their Phase III Supercars wouldn’t reach 120 mph in 11.50 seconds.

The original 427 was outfitted with Motion Performance valve covers, Edelbrock intake manifold and Holley carb which was topped off with an air-filter that increased output to 435 horses. The running gear was modified by the Baldwin-Motion themselves to handle the power.

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