2016 Camaro Concept

2016 Camaro Concept

MonaroSS, the member at GMinsideNews, did a very nice and interesting study on how 6th generation Camaro should look like. Its design is  based on 5th generation, but is tweaked in “fastback” style. He (or maybe even she) calls it 2016 Camaro Back to the Future. He also did the El Camino version for his 2016 Camaro.
Looks, nice, doesn’t it?

A quote from MonaroSS:

“I wanted the cabin to have better visibility and be less claustrophobic. It had to be smaller and with a taller tumblehome (glasshouse) but it still needed to have pony car muscular looks. That is a hard task as it is always easier to make a car look hotter by lowering the roofline, so I went with a fastback design to spread the roofline over a longer area and thus help disguise it greater height. I also swept the lower window line down for a Coke Bottle effect to gain more glass area. I also retained the pony car muscles with curving fender hips over the front and rear wheels, but softened them from the hard lines of the Gen5 for a more modern interpretation…”

Renders: MonaroSS via GMinsideNews

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