2012 Chevelle Concept Speculation

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There were rumors Chevrolet will unveil the new Chevelle Concept in Detroit Auto Show, but… gotta be frank – they disappointed us. No muscle cars were delivered there, just two “digimon” concepts.
Anyway, this is not the first time enthusiasts think they know better what to produce, so we’ll try to keep the 2012 Chevelle topic going on. We’ve surfed the net and found a few discussions about the new possible Chevelle concept which was very much welcomed and awaited actually.
We believe the LS3 V8 which delivers 430 horses is just about enough for a welcomed Chevelle. 20-21-inch rims, dual cat-back exhaust, stiff suspension, some stripes and design hints of the 1966-1972 Chevelles is something what we want today. Well, something more modern is welcomed too, but rephrased quote of Ford’s head designer is just about what we expect here: “We can’t lose the Chevelle DNA, it must have new design trend, but still have to be recognised immediately”. The 2003 Chevy SuperSport was a nice concept which, sadly, didn’t hit the production run. There was one more unofficial concept [see photos of the the white one], but it didn’t even get some iron into it…
All in all, there’s little hope, that Chevy would consider Chevelle’s revival, but it may rise as Phoenix someday.

Images: Irmaododecio, George Loizou, Taglan [@ devianart.com] Chevrolet, unknown.