2014 Camaro SS teaser

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Chevy unveiled their first teaser image of 2014 Camaro SS. Well, it doesn’t say much, right? Anyway, GM’s press release says “The 2014 model represents the most significant change for the fifth-generation Camaro, which has been the most popular sports … Continued

Callaway C7 AeroWagon

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Callaway, known for its Corvette-treatment, plans to convert your latest C7 Coupe Vette into Shooting Brake for “just” under $15K. They call it AeroWagon conversion. It is gonna attach some extra roof space. “Based on market reaction, Callaway plans to … Continued

Berger Camaro 1LE

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Berger Camaro 1LE package is inspired by Chevy’s original 1LE SEMA showcar. 5th gen Camaro updated with this package will cost you lest than $40K [$3k for the package]. “The Berger Camaro 1LE builds on an already great-performing car and … Continued

Rejected C5 Corvette Concept

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This photo is taken from J.Schefter’s “All Corvettes are red” book. It is a computer render for 5th generation Corvette, but is was rejected for being too radical. From present point of view this concept shares much of similarity with … Continued