Corvette ZX-1 by Karvajal Designs

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Karvajal ZX-1 Stage One package delivers completely new C6 Corvette wide body exterior along with front and rear LED lights, custom exhaust with diffuser, 180inch rims. Engine tunes produce 620 HP mostly because of the Magnuson supercharger. Gotta say that … Continued

Nomag: 2 Door Dodge Magnum

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Some cars have too many doors. Like the recent Chargers for instance. Guys from Halo Supercars had familiar problem with their 2006 Magnum. So, they solved it. “Nomag” was an ordinary Magnum before it got heavily custom treatment: Tommy Z … Continued

Top 10 of Twenty Ten

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It is a little late to announce the best cars of 2010, but frankly we came up with this idea only now and it is too early to announce the 2011 ones, so… The idea was to choose from the … Continued

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